The Advantages of Awnings Over Any Other Shade Feature

12 April 2018
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If your home's outdoor area is without a shade feature, it may get so warm on the patio or deck that you cannot enjoy being outside, and even more so if the surface of the deck or patio is a dark wood or stone, as these materials hold lots of uncomfortable heat. A shade feature can make the space more inviting so that you can enjoy it no matter the outside temperature. Read More 

Why Choose Shade Sails for Your School’s Outdoor Area?

20 March 2018
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If you own a daycare centre or manage any type of school, you need to consider whether the outdoor play area you provide for children is safe as well as comfortable. No doubt your first concern when it comes to safety will be the actual playground equipment, but ensuring the children in your care have adequate sun protection is also a very important consideration for any school or daycare facility. While you can choose an awning, pergola, or other such feature to provide needed shade, note a few reasons why shade sails may be the best option for any school or childcare centre. Read More 

Is Your Mind in the Gutter? Here Are 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy Gutter Guards

5 March 2018
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Gutter guards seem to be the perfect solution for anyone who dreads the messy -- and potentially quite precarious -- process of cleaning out clogged gutters. Of course, that convenience does come at a cost, since gutter guards must be purchased and installed separately from the gutters that they attach to. Are they worth buying? Here are three things to consider so you can decide.  1. The Labour It's commonly assumed that gutter guards completely eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. Read More 

3 Crucial Factors When Selecting Fly Screens

21 February 2018
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You need to consider several factors if you would like to get the best fly screens for your windows and doors. This article discusses some of the considerations that can help you to make the right choice. The Type of Frame First, consider the material from which the frame of the fly screen is made. For example, some fly screens come with aluminium frames while others are made from plastic or other materials. Read More 

Window Terminology to Learn Before Shopping

5 February 2018
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Before you shop for new windows for your home, it's good to know a few important details about windows in general, including their various styles and the different types of glass that is used. This will ensure you choose the right windows for your home in particular, and avoid any mistakes in ordering. Note a few terms and phrases you'll see when you go window shopping or meet with a window installer, so you find the best windows for your home. Read More