Add Comfort and Style to Your Home’s Exterior With Awnings

30 June 2018
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Awnings outside a home can help to break up long exterior walls while adding style to otherwise unadorned windows. Large awnings over a patio door wall or back door can also provide shade for a patio or deck outside those doors. To ensure you opt for the best exterior awnings for your home, note a few tips before you start to shop. For a brick home If you have a traditional red brick home, you might be careful about metal awnings in a copper or reddish shade, as the awning may then simply blend into the home's exterior. Read More 

How to Make the Most of Your Flower Arrangement Delivery

11 June 2018
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Opting for a flower arrangement delivery can dramatically boost the mood in your home by adding a pop of colour and a fresh new scent to your residence. Moreover, a flower arrangement is also an excellent way of dressing up otherwise bleak corners of the home or spaces that seem bare, such as unfurnished corners, empty benchtops and so on. However, some people assume that taking care of a flower display is arduous work and thus hold on to the misconception that their arrangement will only last a couple of days. Read More 

Three Ways to Transform Your Kitchen Into a Hamptons-Style Kitchen

21 May 2018
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Hamptons-style kitchens are a perfect reflection of the place that inspired them. The Hamptons are one of the most popular holiday spots in the United States because the area is elegant yet still casual and comfortable. Your kitchen can have the Hamptons style with just a few key changes, and you don't have to leave Australia to feel like you're on holiday in the Hamptons. Here are the top three ways to give your kitchen that Hamptons aesthetic. Read More 

Pool Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid at Home

25 April 2018
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Keeping a pool itself clean will mean having fresh, hygienic water that is safe for swimming, and will also mean less wear and tear on the pool's pump and filter, so that these work more effectively and need fewer repairs over time. However, cleaning your pool may be more complicated than you realize, and it's easy to make some simple mistakes that could result in dirty water, or even damage to the pool itself! Read More 

The Advantages of Awnings Over Any Other Shade Feature

12 April 2018
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If your home's outdoor area is without a shade feature, it may get so warm on the patio or deck that you cannot enjoy being outside, and even more so if the surface of the deck or patio is a dark wood or stone, as these materials hold lots of uncomfortable heat. A shade feature can make the space more inviting so that you can enjoy it no matter the outside temperature. Read More