Space Saving Tips for Kitchen Designs

18 June 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Saving space in a kitchen may not be your first priority when it comes to designing a new one. You may be more focused on style or new kitchen appliances. Nevertheless, most kitchen designs can benefit from the clever use of space. Even with larger kitchens, it is all too easy to fill up every wall and island unit with cabinets and appliances. To create the illusion of greater space in a kitchen – especially those which are smaller than average – you need to maximise the use of each space you have available. Any empty space in the central part of the kitchen then makes it seems larger than it actually is. Big or small, what tips should you know in order to create a great layout which will make your kitchen seem light and airy without too much clutter getting in the way?

Pull Out Breakfast Bars

If you don't have room for a dining table and chairs in your kitchen, then a breakfast bar makes a lot of sense. Rather than taking up room in the centre of the room, like tables tend to, breakfast bars can slot in with your other kitchen units. If you select the right stools to go with one, so that they sit under the breakfast bar when they are not in use, then a breakfast bar will provide adequate seating when you need it without taking up much space at all. A pull out, or extending breakfast bar, is a great way of truly maximising your space because they tuck away under your work surfaces when they aren't being used, thereby saving you even more space.

Floor to Ceiling Units

These days, floor to ceiling storage units are often preferred to standard height ones. This is because the otherwise lost space that is above your eye line is still used. With room for things you might not use that often, the higher storage cabinets may mean you need to step up to reach them. However, this is better than using up more and more valuable floor space for storage and stowing things away at a convenient height, but which you hardly ever need. What's more, floor to ceiling storage allows you to store long items, like ironing boards and brooms, without any hassle.

Rotating Shelves

In corner cabinets, reaching back into the furthest parts of the unit can be exceptionally tricky, especially when the cabinet door does not open fully, perhaps because it is blocked by an adjacent kitchen appliance. In such situations, you can utilise this 'dead space' so long as you install rotating shelving units. Place your items on these and when you want to access them, simply pull the shelf towards you. Many shelves of this type are hinged so that they extend fully into the room and allow them to be used with ease.