Maintenance tips for your remote control doors

12 October 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Proper garage door maintenance can allow you to save on costs while keeping your home in good condition. Remote control doors are a popular option among homeowners because they are efficient, flexible and convenient. All you need to do is push a button, and the door opens/closes.

But what happens when your remote control stops working? It can be very frustrating as you try to open your garage doors and nothing happens. Having an understanding of how your roller doors work can enable you to diagnose if the problem lies with your doors or the remote itself.  

If it is a remote problem, having the right remote control replacement can restore your garage doors to full working condition in no time.

How your remote control works

Your garage remote works mainly by transmitting a radio signal from the remote to a receiver that is placed on the garage doors. The remote and the receiver are normally tuned to the same frequency in order to receive the right signal when you need to open the door.

Modern transmission systems use a small chip that is embedded within the remote and the receiver. Inside the chip is a unique code that transmits the signal and causes the door to open.

Popular garage door problems 

If you're experiencing issues with your remote control doors, here are the most common causes and how you can find maintenance solutions to restore the functionality of your doors.

The remote doesn't work

A faulty remote is a common cause for your garage doors not opening. Check the wall switch of your doors to see if it works. If the wall switch works but the remote doesn't, it could be time for remote control replacement. A universal remote control may work for your doors, but you might need to find a company that specializes in high quality remote replacement.

The door opens but doesn't close

If the door only goes up but doesn't come down, there could be an issue with the sensors. Sometimes, your sensors may fall out of alignment and cause the door not to close. Check if the sensors need realignment or replacement.

Track and roller issues

Sometimes the problem doesn't lie with your opener. It could actually be the tracks and rollers along the door that are preventing opening and closing. Try to open your door using the emergency release to make sure that is manually opens.

Your remote control doors require constant maintenance and care to remain fully functional. Make sure you have a solid strategy and a reliable company to turn to for your roller door maintenance.