The Advantages of Awnings Over Any Other Shade Feature

12 April 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If your home's outdoor area is without a shade feature, it may get so warm on the patio or deck that you cannot enjoy being outside, and even more so if the surface of the deck or patio is a dark wood or stone, as these materials hold lots of uncomfortable heat. A shade feature can make the space more inviting so that you can enjoy it no matter the outside temperature. Note a few reasons why you might consider an awning as a shade feature over this space instead of any other type of structure.

Matching other awnings

If your home's exterior walls are a bit bland and boring, awnings can help to break up their look. If you choose an awning over your patio or deck area, you can then match the material and colour or pattern for all the awnings you have installed along the home's exterior. This can create a more cohesive, coordinated look than if you added a pergola or shade sails over the patio or deck area, and then added awnings or shutters to the home's windows. Several different exterior features can create a cluttered look, so consider awnings if you need both shade and style for the home's exterior.


Pergolas are typically just wood structures with beams for the walls and roof area, and shade sails are only made out of a cloth or nylon material. However, awnings can be made of metal, glass or fabric. Glass awnings fit well with a modern home or are good if you prefer a minimal look on the home's exterior. Metal awnings have a very classic look, and fabric awnings can soften a brick or aluminium siding exterior.

Full protection

A pergola can be fitted with a closable roof made of a type of canvas or other material, but this can create a busy and somewhat uncoordinated look, as pergolas are meant to be simple and open structures. Shade sails can provide shade and protection from a light rain and heavy winds, but their triangular shape often means that sun, rain, wind and other weather elements will still make their way to your home's deck or patio.

An awning, however, offers full protection for the area under it, with maximum shade and full protection from rain and heavy winds. If you live in a very sunny area or want to enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather is not ideal, an awning can then be your best choice of shade protection.