How to Make the Most of Your Flower Arrangement Delivery

11 June 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Opting for a flower arrangement delivery can dramatically boost the mood in your home by adding a pop of colour and a fresh new scent to your residence. Moreover, a flower arrangement is also an excellent way of dressing up otherwise bleak corners of the home or spaces that seem bare, such as unfurnished corners, empty benchtops and so on. However, some people assume that taking care of a flower display is arduous work and thus hold on to the misconception that their arrangement will only last a couple of days. However, with the right care, your arrangements can last for significantly longer than that. This article provides a few tips that can help you make the most of your flower arrangement delivery.

Re-cut the stems

As soon as your flower arrangement arrives, you should start by re-cutting the stems, especially if your flowers will be sitting out for some time before you rearrange the display in a vase. When cutting the stems, ensure you use a sharp knife or scissors so that you can trim the stem in one motion. Cut the stems at an angle rather than horizontally. The new cut facilitates enhanced water absorption, as it exposes the healthy veins.

Get the water ready

A presumption some people have is that flowers can simply be put in any type of water and they will be fine. The reality is that not only does the condition of the water matter but the temperature does too. Firstly, use tepid water for your flowers rather than cold water. The warmth of the water will prevent the flower stems from experiencing any shock. Secondly, add some chlorine or floral preservative to the water before inserting your stems. These agents help in keeping the water free of algae and bacteria. Lastly, ensure that you cut away any foliage that lies below the water line, as these will merely contaminate the water when they start to decompose.

Arrange the flowers

Creating your floral display is not about stashing the flowers directly into the vase and letting them be. Careful consideration needs to go into the arrangement so that all the flowers are receiving the nutrition that they need. Start by placing the heavier blooms into the vase, as these will require a higher supply of moisture. Follow this by filling in the spaces in the blooms with lighter flowers that add a touch of softness to the arrangement. Lastly, add any leaves and greenery last so that they can drape elegantly over the vase.