What you need to know about a split system air conditioner

11 September 2018
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A split system is a method of air conditioning which involves evaporation, compressing and condensing. It includes parts to be installed indoors and outdoors. A split system air conditioner offers a number of benefits. Here is everything you need to know about split systems, from installation to repair and why you should have one.

Split system installation

You can either hire someone to install your split system air conditioner, or you can install it yourself. The outdoor part should be attached to the wall outside of the room that you will be using the split system for. Avoid placing this part in direct sunlight, near gas pipes, antenna or power lines. Inside, place a mount on the wall, making sure that it is level and attach the unit securely to the wall with screws. You will need to check inside both parts that the wires are connected to the terminals and that they match the diagram given with the product.

You will then need to run a pipe from indoors to outdoors. The split system should come with instructions explaining the entire process. The outdoor unit includes the coils for condensation and expansion, a compressing mechanism and tubing. The indoor system includes an air filter, a blower and coil for cooling. A split system is actually easier to install than other air conditioning units because it does not require ducts to be added. Instead, it uses wires and tubing.

Split system air conditioner benefits

There are various benefits to using a split system air conditioner. Firstly, it is quieter than other air conditioning units because the parts that make the noise, mainly the compressor and fan are within the outdoor part, rather than being indoors. Secondly, you can place multiple units throughout your home by connecting further indoor units to the one outdoor piece. Additionally, a split system is also environmentally-friendly because it does not lose heat in air ducts that other air conditioners use.

Split system repair

Sometimes the split system may need to be repaired. This may be avoided by frequent maintenance of the two parts. This can include, removing particles of dirt and other materials, checking for damage and using oil to keep the compressor moving smoothly. Before applying oil, check with the manufacturer or the person who installs your unit for a suitable oil that you can use on your split system. There is the option to hire a professional to maintain your split system air conditioner.