The Top Advantages of Installing Window Shutters in Your Home Over Curtains

26 January 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When moving to a new house or renovating your current one, you will have numerous decisions to make. One of them is deciding which coverings to use on your windows. When selecting your window treatments, you should consider their effectiveness, price and aesthetic appearance. If you want to realise all these benefits, you should consider window shutters. Shutters are an attractive and unique alternative to curtains. They allow you to customise the designs to match your needs and objectives. Furthermore, your shutters will be made with the exact measurements of your windows, creating a seamless and glamorous interior. Unlike curtains, window shutters provide numerous aesthetic and practical advantages to property owners, including the following:

Window Shutters Control Sunlight and Heat 

By controlling the amount of heat and light entering your house, you can regulate energy consumption in your home. In the hot summer months when you want to keep your indoors cool, an appropriate window dressing can be of great help in blocking excess heat and sunlight. That is where window shutters come in. Shutters allow you to adjust positions depending on the indoor temperatures you want to achieve. By doing this, you will avoid overworking your air conditioner, which will cut down your energy costs.

Window Shutters Boost the Aesthetic Appearance of Your Home

Window shutters come in a wide array of materials, colours and styles to suit any house theme, whether contemporary or traditional. Unlike curtains, shutters are customisable, meaning that they will be made according to the specifications and dimensions of your windows. By customising the designs, window shutters will enable you to create more functional and appealing window coverings, making your property unique and attractive.

Window Shutters Require Minimal Maintenance

Generally, curtains attract dirt and dust more than shutters. Because of that, maintaining your curtains in a clean state requires more time and money. On the contrary, shutters require occasional dusting and polishing to maintain their stunning look. Moreover, shutters contain durable materials such as PVC, aluminium and wood, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. Their maintenance cost is low.

Window Shutters Boost the Security of Your Home

Most home breakers gain access to a home through the windows. As such, you should consider installing hard-to-break window treatments. Shutters provide a physical barrier that acts as a deterrent against potential invasion. That means intruders are less likely to break into your house when you have shutters as compared to curtains.

For the above reasons, shutters are better window treatments or coverings compared to curtains. So, ensure that you choose shutter designs that complement your home's existing style as well as your lifestyle. Also, it is imperative to hire local contractors to help you choose and install the most suitable window shutters for your home.