Two reasons why landlords should put under-tile heating in their rental properties

17 March 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Here are some reasons why landlords should consider putting under-tile heating in their tenants' homes.

Their tenants won't be able to use the radiators to dry their clothes

No matter how many times they're told how much damage drying lots of wet clothes on radiators can cause (as the moisture that enters the air during the drying periods can make a property mouldy and damp), some tenants refuse to use other clothes-drying methods. If a landlord has experienced this issue with several tenants and is fed up with repeatedly dealing with damp in their properties, then they should invest in under-tile heating.

This will mean that the tenants who are prone to this frustrating behaviour will have no radiators on which to do this, but the landlord will still be able to provide adequate heat for their rental properties. Because tenants will not want to leave their clothes on the heated tiles to dry them (as drying clothes on the floor would be neither practical nor hygienic), this should eliminate this issue. It's important to note, however, that landlords who put in under-tile heating to stop this behaviour should ensure their properties are equipped with other tools or appliances (like indoor or outdoor clothes airers, or tumble dryers) that their tenants can use instead.

Their tenants will have more storage space

Another reason why landlords should put heating systems under their rental properties' floor tiles is that it will make these properties roomier. This is particularly important for landlords who rent out smaller properties, as one common reason why tenants decide to move on from rental homes is that the properties don't have enough storage space.

If a landlord removes the radiators and fits a heating system under their rental property's tiles, they can then either leave this space free and let the tenant put their own storage furniture in it or they can fit shelves or place some cupboards in this area.

This is a great option for landlords who may have been considering replacing their large radiators with smaller ones just to free up some space but who were worried about the effect this would have on their tenants' ability to keep the property warm during the winter months. A heating system that's placed beneath a home's floor tiles will be just as effective at heating a home as several large radiators, but will not take up any of the building's living space.