Things to Think About When Planning a Scandinavian Kitchen in Your Home

18 May 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

You may love the clean look of Scandinavian kitchens with their peaceful and uncluttered vibe. Here are some tips for creating this aesthetic in your kitchen when renovating.

Light Hues

Choose light hues when planning these styles of rooms. You can use whites, creams, pale greys and pinks to create an airy feel. If your kitchen is size-challenged, this palette will make it seem larger by bouncing light around.

You could add contrasting colours, but only in small amounts. For example, build sleek black window frames that break the glass panes into segments. Or, paint a small wall area in moss green and arrange several green pot plants around the room. You'll enjoy the visual contrast, but it won't be overwhelming.

Natural Elements

Scandinavian kitchens favour natural elements. As well as plants, light-toned timber and stone will bring nature inside. Even though this aesthetic has clean lines, it doesn't look cold because of these organic touches. You can add to the warm ambience with natural-textured fabrics, such as a rustic jute rug or chair cushions. Wood can be incorporated into the design as flooring or as a countertop. You can also add stylishly carved wooden chairs. Pale grey rock is ideal if you opt for a stone countertop.

Classic or Contemporary

You can vary a Scandi kitchen to appear more classic or contemporary. For example, you could install shaker-style cabinets with a simple recessed panel, giving a homey look. Then, lay down a light-toned vintage-style rug to add to the effect. Or else, go ultra-minimalist and install flat, handleless white gloss cupboard doors in the kitchen and eliminate as much detail as possible to create a contemporary feel. In any case, even if you opt for a homey vibe, try to stick with a minimalist feel. Keep design details reserved rather than overpowering.

Functional Storage

A Scandinavian kitchen is all about functionality, so the room is easy to live in. These rooms may have handy drawers that you pull out to see everything at once. You can fit drawers of varying depths to accommodate the range of items you'll want to store. Plus, drawer inserts will keep everything organised.

You could also install a pull-out pantry or construct a custom-built model with a place for everything. You could insert a spice rack into the door and a spot to store wine bottles. This organisation makes it easier to keep a Scandinavian kitchen neat and minimal, just as it's meant to be.