Fire Extinguisher Tags And What They Mean

5 September 2017
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Fire extinguishers are elemental safety devices that provide a quick line of defence against fire outbreaks, ensuring that you can keep a fire in check and prevent it from causing extensive damage. For them to do this, however, fire extinguishers must be in good condition at all times and be used for the right purpose. Thankfully, an extinguisher comes with a tag with lots of information on the condition of the extinguisher, the kind of fires it can put out, when it was last filled and many other things. Read More 

Simple Tips for Creating a Great Patio Space Without Breaking the Bank

29 May 2017
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Creating a welcoming and charming outdoor space can be done easily if you have unlimited funds for needed materials and accessories. However, if you're on a budget, this doesn't mean you'll need to settle for a sparse space that seems unwelcoming and unappealing. Note a few tips for creating a great patio that you'll love, without actually breaking the bank or overspending on anything. Use flowering hedges Flowers add a great look and feel to any outdoor space, but they can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and also very difficult to keep healthy for those who aren't talented with gardening. Read More