3 Reasons to Install Vertical Blinds in Your Home

24 August 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

While traditional horizontal Venetian blinds work well on some windows, vertical blinds work better in some scenarios. When should you consider vertical blinds over Venetians?

1. You Have Large Windows

If you want to install blinds over a large picture window, then Venetian blinds might not give you the look you want. These blinds can make a room look smaller. Even if you choose products with wider blades, the blinds can look overpowering.

Plus, you're likely to have to install multiple blinds on oversized windows. You won't get a seamless look. Plus, you'll have a number of individual blinds to open and close.

Vertical blinds typically work better on larger windows. Their free-falling vertical blades have a more understated and subtle look. They enhance windows and make rooms look bigger and lighter.

Plus, you can usually install fewer blinds to cover even larger windows. These blinds aren't as heavy as Venetians so each blind can cover more space.

2. You Want to Put Blinds Over a Patio Door

If you need to put blinds over a patio door, then you have to find a solution that doesn't block access to the door. You need to be able to open and close the door easily.

Traditional Venetian blinds don't always work well over doors. You might need to put your blinds up to open and close the door. You might need to duck under the blinds to use the door.

Vertical blinds work better over doors. You can simply pull the blinds to the side to open and close the door. You can even leave the blinds in place over the door and slip through them when you use your door if you don't want to open them fully.

3. You Want Blinds That Are Easy to Clean

If you put multiple horizontal Venetian blinds over a large window space, then you'll have a bigger cleaning job on your hands. Your blinds will have a lot of narrow blades, and you could spend a lot of time dusting and cleaning them.

Vertical blinds are easier to clean. Dust doesn't collect on them as easily because of the way they hang down. A regular vacuuming session will deal with any dust that does manage to stick.

Plus, it's usually easy to remove individual blades to clean them if you need to. Blades on these blinds usually unhook. This is a lot easier than taking a blade out of a Venetian blind.

To find out more, contact vertical blinds companies.