5 Considerations to Make Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

20 November 2017
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The idea of remodelling your kitchen can be exciting. However, as you look at bringing out the best in your kitchen space, it is advisable to step back and contemplate the larger picture. These ideas will provide insight on some of the crucial aspects you should consider before proceeding with the kitchen renovation. Existing Layout When you decide to undertake a kitchen remodelling project, it is easy to get stuck with the old layout. Read More 

Maintenance tips for your remote control doors

12 October 2017
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Proper garage door maintenance can allow you to save on costs while keeping your home in good condition. Remote control doors are a popular option among homeowners because they are efficient, flexible and convenient. All you need to do is push a button, and the door opens/closes. But what happens when your remote control stops working? It can be very frustrating as you try to open your garage doors and nothing happens. Read More 

Two ways to make your home more secure

10 September 2017
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Having your home burglarised can be a distressing experience. Here are two steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of someone breaking into your property: Install security screen doors Burglars often get in through the front or back door, by snapping open the locks. If you're concerned about the possibility of a thief entering your home in this manner, it might be worth installing security screen doors. These can be positioned outside of any exterior door. Read More 

Fire Extinguisher Tags And What They Mean

5 September 2017
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Fire extinguishers are elemental safety devices that provide a quick line of defence against fire outbreaks, ensuring that you can keep a fire in check and prevent it from causing extensive damage. For them to do this, however, fire extinguishers must be in good condition at all times and be used for the right purpose. Thankfully, an extinguisher comes with a tag with lots of information on the condition of the extinguisher, the kind of fires it can put out, when it was last filled and many other things. Read More 

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Choosing New Benchtops for Your Kitchen

10 July 2017
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If your home's kitchen is a bit outdated or even downright ugly, but you can't afford an entire renovation, consider getting new benchtops installed. Updated benchtops can enhance and change the appearance of the entire kitchen, while also providing a cleaner and more sanitary surface for food prep. When you are ready to start shopping for new benchtops, however, note a few common mistakes you'll want to avoid, so you know you choose a style and material that you'll be happy with for years to come. Read More