How to Get a More Restful Night's Sleep in Your Bedroom

26 May 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Although there are a number of lifestyle choices that you can make which will improve the quality of your sleep – such as drinking less caffeine and taking regular physical exercise – the layout and styling of your bedroom can have a big impact, too. There are a number of steps that you can take which allow you to enjoy fewer interruptions to your sleep and to experience a more intense slumber than you are currently used to. Many professional interior designers know these tips, but there is nothing to stop you applying them yourself in your own bedroom.

Change Your Pillows

Modern pillows are large and fluffy and look really good when they are laid out on your bed. However, too many cushions and pillows will mean that your neck gets into an elevated position during sleep. This can lead to you tossing and turning in the night. In the worst cases, you will even suffer from neck pain the following day and this can cause you to feel disquiet when going to bed. Use one pillow only, if possible, and make sure that your head sits in the middle of it so that your neck is supported properly. Even though they don't look as stylish as normal bed pillows, orthopaedic ones are preferable for a good night's sleep. Just cover them over with a throw during the day.

Buy a New Bed

If you cannot afford to upgrade your bed, then you should at least turn your mattress over every six weeks or so. This will mean that your back is better supported when you lie down. If possible, increase the amount of space you have in bed to spread out – especially if you live in a hot part of the country. A queen sized bed is ideal if you share your bed with your partner because normal-sized doubles can mean that you disturb one another through the night when turning. Soft-topped mattresses which are firmer under the initial layer provide the best compromise between comfort and support.

Control Sunlight

Unlike curtains, blackout blinds will really keep the sun out of your room in the morning. This is the ideal thing to fit if you have north-facing windows and the sunlight starts to creep into the bedroom during the early hours. Blackout blinds should fit the full window frame and not just extend over the glazing to ensure that your room stays dark until you are ready to get up. Reorientate your bed so that what light does spill into the room as the sun rises is at the foot of the bed.