Simple Tips for Creating a Great Patio Space Without Breaking the Bank

29 May 2017
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Creating a welcoming and charming outdoor space can be done easily if you have unlimited funds for needed materials and accessories. However, if you're on a budget, this doesn't mean you'll need to settle for a sparse space that seems unwelcoming and unappealing. Note a few tips for creating a great patio that you'll love, without actually breaking the bank or overspending on anything.

Use flowering hedges

Flowers add a great look and feel to any outdoor space, but they can be expensive to purchase and maintain, and also very difficult to keep healthy for those who aren't talented with gardening. A good alternative is to plant flowering hedges around your patio space; hedges are usually stronger and heartier so they need little, if any, maintenance or care. They can also act as a privacy wall so that you don't need to install a trellis or fence around your patio if you need separation from your neighbours. Try lilac, burning bush, weigela, forsythia, or rhododendron bushes for colour and a very welcoming look around your patio.

Use concrete

Concrete may sound unappealing for a patio space, but concrete can be painted or stained and then also stamped to look like brick or an expensive stone. This makes it a more affordable option for flooring than many stone pavers, and you can also use concrete to create planters for the space; these can also then be painted or stained, and they will look very upscale and expensive while being very affordable. When shopping for materials for the patio footing or walkways, be sure you talk to a concreter about this option.

Add a cheap fire pit

A fire pit on or near the patio can add warmth and a great focal point, but you don't need to overspend to include such a feature. You can create a fire pit on your own by digging the pit, lining the bottom and sides with fire safe rocks, and then adding lava rocks in the middle. Lava rocks burn without creating embers and ash. Line the rim of the pit with gravel to protect your lawn, and you have a great outdoor fire area.

You can also create a freestanding fireplace for the patio by using any fireproof material, such as old metal washtub, adding gravel to the bottom to keep it from getting too warm, then adding lava rocks and surrounding these with more gravel. This is a very affordable way to create a fireplace for your outdoor area.

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