Four Tips You Should Implement When Planting During Summer

13 June 2017
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Some inexperienced people may think that is not possible for plants to survive if they are planted during the heat of summer. Such people may not know the tricks that one can implement in order to increase the survival rate of those plants. This article discusses some of the tricks that pros use to plant seedlings during summer.

Select the Best Time

It is advisable to plant your seedlings either late in the evening or early in the morning. These time windows allow the plant to have some respite from the harsh heat when that plant has just been set in the ground. The plant roots also have a chance to start drawing water and nutrients from the soil before transpiration (moisture loss through leaves) sets in as the weather gets hotter.

Mulch the Garden

Another way to ensure that the newly planted seedlings survive the summer is by mulching the area around those plants. Mulching helps to conserve moisture within the soil. That water will then provide a medium through which the plants will absorb the nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous, which they need to survive and thrive. Mulching also keeps the temperature of the soil moderate so that the roots aren't scorched by the heat of the sun.

Group the Plants

It is also helpful to plant your seedlings in small groups instead of spreading them over a large area. Clustering the plants helps them to shield one another from the heat of the sun. Dry winds will also have a minimal effect on those plants if the plants are in clusters. This protection will increase their survival chances.

Water Them Frequently

The soil loses moisture quickly during summer due to the high rate of evaporation. Mulching only slows down this inevitable occurrence. Soil that is devoid of water becomes hard and inhibits aeration. Plant roots dry up in case those roots don't access water from the soil for extended periods. The absence of water in the soil also results into a rapid rise of the temperature of that soil. This high temperature can worsen the stress that the plant is undergoing. It is therefore advisable to water your seedlings at least once each day for the first few weeks after you plant them.

The specific techniques that ensure seedling survival during summer may vary from one plant variety to another. For more information, contact local professionals like Din San Nursery.