Is Your Mind in the Gutter? Here Are 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy Gutter Guards

5 March 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Gutter guards seem to be the perfect solution for anyone who dreads the messy -- and potentially quite precarious -- process of cleaning out clogged gutters. Of course, that convenience does come at a cost, since gutter guards must be purchased and installed separately from the gutters that they attach to. Are they worth buying? Here are three things to consider so you can decide. 

1. The Labour

It's commonly assumed that gutter guards completely eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. Whilst they do eliminate the bulk of the labour, it's still important that you have your gutters maintained by the professionals twice a year at a minimum. This maintenance will include cleaning out any small debris, such as pine needles or seed pods, that might have made its way through the gutter guards. 

The only work that you'll generally need to do yourself is a quick washing every month or so. Whilst gutter guards are quite effective at keeping the larger debris like leaves and branches out of your gutters, a certain amount of debris will end up atop the gutter guards as a result. A fast rinse with the garden hose solves the problem neatly. When you have gutter guards, your hours of clinging to a ladder whilst pulling piles of sodden leaves from the gutter are over.

2. The Cost

Whilst gutter guards can cost nearly as much as gutters themselves, the good news is that they can be added to your current gutters . There's no need to purchase both gutters and gutter guards as long as your existing gutters are in good condition.

Another advantage is that the cost of the gutter guards may be offset over time. Gutter guards can extend the lifespan of your current gutters considerably since they completely prevent major debris collection -- and therefore prevent rusting, rotting, and gutter failure. 

3. The Impact on Your Home

When gutters fill with standing water, your home could be on a countdown to disaster. If those gutters aren't cleaned straight away, that water -- quite possibly laden with mozzies and other insects -- can move backwards into your home. This flood can bring not just serious damage but also dangerous bacteria into the home.

Fortunately, you won't need to worry about that water overflow when you have gutter guards. They stop the water from accumulating in the gutters just as well as they prevent debris buildup. 

If less labour, an overall reasonable cost, and reduced danger of water backup in your home sounds good to you, gutter guards might just be a perfect choice for your home. Contact your contractor to ask about this type of gutter protection today.