Three Ways to Transform Your Kitchen Into a Hamptons-Style Kitchen

21 May 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Hamptons-style kitchens are a perfect reflection of the place that inspired them. The Hamptons are one of the most popular holiday spots in the United States because the area is elegant yet still casual and comfortable. Your kitchen can have the Hamptons style with just a few key changes, and you don't have to leave Australia to feel like you're on holiday in the Hamptons. Here are the top three ways to give your kitchen that Hamptons aesthetic. 

1. White and Bright

When it comes to creating a Hamptons-style kitchen, nothing works better than white. The traditional Hamptons style consists of a light, airy and clean look. To achieve this, choose white for the cupboards, splashbacks and even appliances if you wish. Whilst it might require a bit of extra diligence to keep it all looking clean, having an all white or predominantly white kitchen is the perfect way to capture that light and airy feel. 

2. Elegant and Refined

For the benchtops, an elegant and refined look works best in Hampton kitchens. Many Hampton kitchens feature Carrara marble benchtops. This type of high-end marble is strikingly white with small veins of grey, which lends to the overall feel of casual and effortless elegance. Carrara marble care is easiest if you have the benchtops sealed at the time they're installed. Be sure to treat them gently, wiping away any spills straight away, and you'll have long-lasting and elegant benchtops.

3. Comfortable and Cosy

One of the defining characteristics of a Hampton style kitchen is its cosiness. Whilst there's no doubt that Hamptons-style kitchens are highly elegant, they're also meant to be comfortable gathering places for family and friends whilst you prepare meals. Many Hampton kitchens feature kitchen islands (another area where Carrara marble is often used) large enough to accommodate a small group for casual meals.

Make seating extra comfortable and cosy with well padded tall chairs or backed bar stools. Whilst white padding looks beautiful on these chairs or stools, you might want to consider adding a pop of colour here. Popular colour choices include all different shades of blue and grey. You can also use these same colours as accents around the kitchen—it's a subtle way to emphasise the colour. 

Use the simple guidelines described above to turn your ordinary kitchen into a Hamptons-style kitchen that you'll love. Contact your local renovation contractor to help with your Hamptons kitchen transformation!