Add Comfort and Style to Your Home's Exterior With Awnings

30 June 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Awnings outside a home can help to break up long exterior walls while adding style to otherwise unadorned windows. Large awnings over a patio door wall or back door can also provide shade for a patio or deck outside those doors. To ensure you opt for the best exterior awnings for your home, note a few tips before you start to shop.

For a brick home

If you have a traditional red brick home, you might be careful about metal awnings in a copper or reddish shade, as the awning may then simply blend into the home's exterior. A contrasting white awning can be better, or you might choose glass if you don't want the awning to clash with the red brick.

For brick homes that are painted white or grey, a dark metal awning may be a good fit; a black metal will stand out against these exterior house colours, or you can choose a strong shade of red to bring in a traditional look and style. If the home's exterior seems a bit dull, opt for a canvas awning with a bold stripe, for added visual interest.

For a home with aluminium siding

If your home has aluminium siding, you might avoid a metal awning, as this can mean too much metal outside the home. A canvas awning can soften the aluminium and make a space seem cosier. However, avoid vertical stripes on the awnings, as this might clash with the horizontal lines of the siding.

Homes with aluminium siding may also be very modern, with lots of glass and metal details. Glass awnings are a good fit for this style, and this will make the awnings seem more modern and less traditional than canvas awnings. Choose clear glass without a frame if you want something that looks clean and simple, or opt for coloured glass with a large, coordinating frame for something that really stands out. 

Awning design

Remember that the awning design you choose will greatly affect the appearance of your home's exterior; a scalloped edge to a fabric awning is very traditional and classic, but also very casual. If you prefer something not so traditional, opt for a canvas material with square edge, or a metal awning. Large stripes also look very attractive on a canvas awning and can help add visual interest to a dull home exterior, but these are also a bit casual. Choose a solid colour if you prefer something more updated and modern.