Roller Blind Customisation Ideas

21 August 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Roller blinds are a modern and unique choice of window treatment that can be used in place of or along with your curtains. Whether you've had your blinds for a while and need a new look or you're in the market for more unique options for roller blinds, this article highlights the two main ways you can change your regular blinds into something that's truly reflective of you.

1. Roller blind printing

Say goodbye to dull, mass-produced window blinds and take advantage of technology by having unique pictures printed onto your roller blinds. This helps to create a new focal point in the room, especially when the blinds are drawn, and you can use images that reinforce the 'theme' of the room. Here are some printing ideas:

  1. Ocean themes – These aren't just for beach houses or bathrooms. Oceanic blue-green colour combinations have a soothing effect, which makes them ideal for any part of the house (except the kitchen perhaps, where bolder shades are favoured).

  2. Patterns – Match your roller blinds with your bedspread in the bedroom or throw pillows or carpet in the living room. Patterned blinds can also break the monotony in an otherwise plain wall

  3. Custom art – Show your kids how you're proud of them by having their latest artwork immortalised on blinds for their room or even the family room.

  4. Vacation pictures – These can be places you have visited and loved to reignite memories of good times or places you'd like to go to keep your eyes on the prize.

  5. Movies, games and books – You can use these for the entertainment/family room, children's rooms or study.

Roller blind printing is a common service these days. Start with where you bought/are buying your blinds and ask if they can do it or if they can recommend someone. If not, simply check online for digital printing services near your area and negotiate to have your blinds printed. The additional cost will be well worth it.

2. Making your own fabric blinds

If you can't afford the extra cost of printing, try making your own custom shades using fabric (either new or something you already have). You'll need scissors, sewing pins, fabric glue, a plastic drop cloth, a small leather swatch (to be used for a pull tab) and of course needle and thread.

Start by measuring out your roller blind and cutting out fabric that will be the same width as the shades after hemming. There should be a small pocket on the bottom side where the dowel goes, to help the fabric hang evenly. On the other side, leave some extra fabric for a later step.

Ensure that the 'right side' is well oriented according to how your blinds open and close. Pin it in place on the blind, ensuring it lines up properly. Use fabric glue to join the fabric onto the shade and then smooth the fabric out and allow it to dry. Finally, insert your dowel in the pocket left earlier and sew the leather pull tab on before hanging the blind back up.