Why Installing Roller Shutters Is the Best Option

27 September 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

The main role of a security shutter is to provide maximum security, a feature that has made them become popular in the recent years. If you are conscious about your home safety, it must be important to you to spend your money on something that will protect you from burglary and hold you up under threat.

Most Australians have had major difficulties keeping intruders away. For this reason, many homeowners purchase deadbolts and screens but forget about the state of their windows. With no doubt, every home needs physical protection from thieves, but security shutters offer more benefits than this. Energy efficiency, protection from harsh climatic conditions, and convenience are some of the benefits that come with purchasing a security shutter. Here are the reasons why security shutters are the best choice for your home security.

Protection from ultraviolet rays from the sun

Most homeowners cover their windows with blinds and curtains to stop heating from penetrating the house. Especially in summer, and even in winter, heat easily gets away because glass is not a good heat insulator. On the other hand, security shutters are capable of stopping 70 per cent of the heat that penetrates the house in summer and retains 60 per cent of the heat that gets out of the house in winter. Basically, a security shutter is made of polyurethane. So, when you install the security shutters on your windows, sun rays hit it and not the glass. There is usually a gap between the window and the shutter which allows for air circulation, thus less heat is conveyed from the shutter to the window. The glass gets less amount of heat; hence your house never gets hot, saving you a lot of money on energy bills.

Reducing external noise

Security shutters reduce external noise by up to 75 per cent. Thanks to the polyurethane and aluminium inside the shutters, you can enjoy a peaceful environment.  Loud music from your neighbour's house or too much noise from high traffic or someone trimming their garden early on Saturday are blocked. With this barrier, noise will be a thing of the past; window roller shutters protect you from all unwanted noise from the outside and allow you to keep the noise that is in the house. It's all up to you.

Security shutters are not only effective at providing security, but they also help you cut on energy bills by ensuring your home remains warm during winters, deters external noise, and protects you from the dangerous UV rays from the sun. Shutters are definitely a worthy investment.