How to Put Off Burglars from Breaking into Your Home

23 October 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Professional criminals will often target the home in the street which they think is the least secure. Even if you take just one or two security measures in your home, you will find that it becomes much less of a target to would-be intruders. Of course, most homeowners do not want their house to look as though it has become some sort of fortress. Therefore, any security measures that you take ought to be ones that are in keeping with the rest of the look of your home or, at least, ones which don't detract from it.

What are the security measures that are most effective at putting off burglars?

Physical Obstructions to Entry

Modern security screens are so discreet that you would not necessarily notice them unless you happen to be looking in the right area. Of course, this is exactly what professional criminals do if they are casing your home's windows to see whether it is worth breaking into. Contemporary security screens are designed to look attractive and even ornate in some cases. Moreover, modern security doors don't stand out from conventional ones and — unless you happen to be a burglar — you probably would not notice them at all.

Rear-Facing Security

It may sound obvious, but many break-ins occur at the back of a property where the intruder is less likely to be seen. Therefore, you should ensure that your back garden has good fencing all around it that makes easy access difficult. In addition, the simple measure of installing a security light or two which will come on when motion is detected outside soon puts off anyone who has got into your back garden. You can also back this up with a CCTV camera, of course.

Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms are a very good idea if you have valuable belongings in your home that you want to protect. However, some people are put off installing them because they think it sends the wrong signal. In other words, they consider that a burger alarm indicates to criminals that there is something worth stealing inside. This is not the case, however. A false burglar alarm unit is enough to put off most minor criminals who will not be able to tell the difference between an empty flashing box and one which is hooked up. Either way, they are incredibly effective deterrents.

Canine Protection

One of the best things that you can do to put off opportunist criminals is to get a dog. You do not need one of the breeds which are associated with guarding properties, like Alsatians. Any sort of dog will do because by merely barking they raise the alarm when something untoward happens.