Pets, Parents and the Patter of Tiny Feet: How Stair Balustrades Can Help Young Families

29 January 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Do you have a staircase in your young home that doesn't have a balustrade? Then you are missing out on several benefits. Balustrades don't just complement home design — when you choose the right material — but they also offer a level of safety and comfort that often goes overlooked. If you have yet to add a balustrade to your staircase, consider the benefits you could gain by doing so.

Your Children Will Be Safer

Let's face it, children love running up and down stairs no matter how much you tell them off. And a staircase without a balustrade can breed bad habits, such as climbing onto it from the side or jumping off it from the side. Both habits can lead to injuries. Not only that but young hands need something to hold onto as they go up and down the stairs. A balustrade can prevent falling injuries.

However, be sure to choose an appropriate height that benefits you and your children.

Your Elderly Relatives Will Be Safer

If you your elderly relatives like to visit you often and stay over, a balustrade would be a great help to them. Trips and falls among the elderly often occur because they misjudge a step or lose their balance while going up or down the stairs. Having a balustrade to hold onto while ascending or descending will help to prevent injuries, should your relatives fall while negotiating the staircase.

Your Pets Will Be Safer

In Australia, 62 percent of households have a pet of some kind. And much like children, pets, especially dogs, need protection whilst going up and down your staircase. Without a balustrade, there is nothing to stop a frightened or excited dog from leaping or falling off the staircase and injuring itself. If you have a pet dog, or plan to get one, think about installing a stair balustrade.

Balustrades Add Character to Your Home

Stairs often look bare without a balustrade. Not adding one to your staircase is missing out on an opportunity to enhance the character of your home. For instance, if you like wooden furniture and a more traditional setting for your home, an elegant wooden balustrade would complement your home's interior. If you prefer a modern look with lots of glass and metal, choose a glass balustrade.

Glass balustrades are also child-friendly because they allow you to see your children clearly as they use the staircase. Are your stairs bare? Then consider installing a stair balustrade to add safety and elegance to your home's interior.

To learn more about staircase balustrades, consult a resource in your area.