Two Helpful Qualities of Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops

10 September 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When remodelling a kitchen, one of the major components to think about is the benchtop. You'll want a hardwearing material that will endure for many years. Additionally, to help with the design process, you'll need something that offers a variety of colours and patterns, making it easier to fit within your planned decor. An engineered stone kitchen benchtop — economically purchased from a kitchen wholesale outlet — has two attributes in particular that will help. 


Engineered stone counters provide consistent colours and textures, unlike natural stone, which develops organically and thus fluctuates randomly. To create engineered benches, manufacturers combine crushed and powdered stone with resins. Because they control what goes into a mix, they can precisely create particular colours and tones. For instance, they can replicate a speckled look over and over again by combining certain cream, grey and charcoal stones.  

Consistent surfaces help if you're trying to match multiple counters. A U-shape kitchen design, for instance, necessitates several bench sections that you'll want to match. Alternatively, you might wish to marry the benches with the vanity top in the bathroom. Additionally, you never know when you might renovate in the future — you could change the cabinetry layout or install a kitchen island. In all these cases, if the existing counters use engineered stone, you'll have a far better chance of matching them perfectly.


The process of combining bonding resins with crushed stone produces hard, non-porous and resilient benches. Natural stone, in contrast, is porous and susceptible to etches and stains. If you have children, you can relax knowing that an engineered cover is less likely to sustain damage if hot mugs are plonked directly on top. Also, you'll be able to entertain friends and enjoy their company without fussing and worrying about where they're setting their drinks and snacks. 

Whether you're an avid cook, or necessarily making dinner for others, you can focus on the task at hand and not be panicking if you spill any ingredients. Additionally, you won't have to continually reseal your engineered bench because the resins form a non-porous cover. On the other hand, with a natural stone counter, you generally need to tackle regular sealing and take extra care.

Thus, engineered counters offer both consistency and durability. When renovating, you'll be able to match all your different counters for a cohesive look, even between different rooms. And when using and enjoying your beautiful benchtops, you can relax knowing they're relatively hardy and low-maintenance, and you won't be bothered with regular resealing tasks. By sourcing your counters from a kitchen wholesaler, you'll get the best deal and thus be able to spend more on other components.