Top Reasons Why Ziptrak Awnings Are a Great Choice

16 November 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Ziptrak is a household name all across Australia, with Ziptrak awnings being very popular for both residential and commercial properties. This is no surprise as these awnings perform exceptionally on both the aesthetics and functionality fronts. Here are some of the top reasons why Ziptrak awnings continue to grow in popularity.

Made for the Australian Market

Ziptrak awnings are sturdier, ensuring that they can stand up well against the unpredictable local weather. Investing in these awnings guarantees you all-year protection against the elements. They are effective in keeping out the cold and rains and the heat and UV rays. These awnings also offer exceptional protection against high winds.

Easy Access to Spare Parts and Repair Kits

Tied to the fact that Ziptrak awnings are Australian-made is the ease of access to spare parts and repair kits. If your awning malfunctions and a part needs fixing or replacing, you don't have to go through such a hassle to find it. It's readily available in the market, as opposed to having to import the same.

In most instances, trouble finding these spare parts forces property owners to go ahead and replace their awnings. You can go the more cost-efficient way and repair your Ziptrak awnings thanks to the ready availability and access to the spare parts. Again, most awnings installation and repair technicians have some experience working with Ziptrak awnings, so you can be sure they'll know how to diagnose and fix potential problems that may arise.

Variety. Variety. Variety.

Ziptrak awnings come in different styles, sizes, and colours. You have endless options to choose from, so you can likely find something that complements your external décor and other elements of your surroundings. You can also go for a bold choice and have your awnings stand out. You can also opt for stationary or retractable awnings, manual or motorised.

Can't seem to find what you're looking for among the ready-made collection? No need to worry since you can always order bespoke pieces. There is, again, no limit to the kind of customisation you can achieve. Specify your measurements, colour(s) of choice, and your desired style.

Ziptrak awnings are versatile and perfect for installation in both residential and commercial properties. As outlined, you get to choose from such a diverse collection and enjoy the excellent protection against the elements these awnings offer. Should you require a spare part or repair purposes, they are readily available.